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Corporate Philosophy

Essentially, ABN’s corporate philosophy is evidenced in the elements presented in our vision, mission and core values as follows:

Our Vision

  • To be a leading manufacturer of fastening products for the world market.
  • To ensure excellent quality products and services at competitive price towards total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

  • To develop new products so as to strengthen our market presence and quality stay ahead of others.
  • To strike as a global player in the fasteners industry.
  • To grow and increase profitability through efficient and excellent human capital management, business operation and product development.

Our Core Values

  • Practising the highest standards of business ethic and intergrity.
  • Practising customer service oriented approach towards excellence services and support.
  • Promote interaction and co-operation at all level of staff, customers and business associates.
  • Practising high quality, productivity and cost efficiency approach.


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